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We ensure justice to victims of violent crimes by reforming the complex and inefficient processes of obtaining medical evidence. Our service produces medical reports - of an excellent quality – quickly, and is a more cost-effective solution for UK police forces.
Our Executive Team have experienced first-hand the frustrations of police officers, NHS staff and victims, when the production, quality and payment of medical evidence (prior to SFR Medical) faced multiple difficulties.

  • Average turn-around time

    Our turnaround time for standard requests

    < 10 working days

  • Value for money

    Our turnaround time for urgent requests

    <24 hrs

  • Specialities completed

    Value for money

    84% efficiency savings

  • SFR requests processed

    No. of SFR requests processed to date


  • SFR requests processed

    Our network of Medical Institutions


Corporate Social Responsibility


If a standard SFR1 request has a member of a UK Police Force, an NHS worker or an employee of the UK Criminal Justice System as the patient, that SFR1 is provided free-of-cost. Additionally, this applies whether the individual was on-duty or off-duty at the time that the injuries were sustained.

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