• Streamlined Forensic Reporting Limited

Procurement process

We know that finding a compliant way to market is the only way to market. Forces have a few options, and each is described below. We are happy to discuss what may work for you:

  • Direct award within a procurement framework: we are registered as a subcontractor on NHS SBS Consult 18, Lot 10. The process is reasonably straightforward: the force signs a contract with SoftCat (our lead contractor) via the NHS SBS framework, who then awards the work to us. We send monthly invoices to SoftCat, who passes them along to the force, who then pays SoftCat, and SoftCat pays us. Nothing changes for execution – the OICs interface with our CRMs, and our team provides insights on the monthly KPIs.

    The Service Level Agreement (SLA) National Rate Card and the Framework Terms and Conditions (T&C) can be downloaded from Blue Light Procurement Database (BLPD). Search under Contract Title: Medical Streamlined Forensic Reporting.
  • Direct award outside of a procurement framework: we are happy to contract with forces directly and have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) template that can be used as a starting point. Once we reach an agreement on the terms, including a go-live date, we get everything in place to support the rollout on day one.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to discuss pricing.