• Streamlined Forensic Reporting Limited

Our purpose

For UK Police Forces, we provide a cost-effective solution to obtaining medical evidence. We produce medical reports of an excellent quality, quickly, free of medical jargon and which are easy to request, track and receive.

This solution was borne out of the Executive Team’s first-hand experience of the frustrations of victims, police officers and NHS staff; the traditional processes of requesting, production, quality and payment of medical evidence - prior to SFR Medical – faced multiple difficulties.

The reduction in investigation time (as a result of SFR Medical’s solution to UK Police Forces) leads to reduced victim distress, reduced victim support attrition rate, greater confidence in local policing, a greater incidence of defendants on remand and time freed up for officers to perform other responsibilities. Additionally, the workload of NHS staff is significantly lessened, supporting them in their invaluable work.

Since SFR Medical’s inception, our team has grown, our operational processes have been enhanced and refined, our cybersecurity strengthened to the highest standards and our product offering list expanded. However, what remains at SFR Medical’s core is our vision to create a world where victims of violent crimes are supported through robust technology, compassion and accurate data; to go beyond evidence.