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We provide the following services to Solicitors:

  • Pagination: Pagination is the practice of organizing the pages of legal documents, such as contracts, court documents, and legal briefs. It is an essential part of legal document preparation, as it helps to ensure that pages are not lost or misplaced and that the documents are presented in an organised and professional manner. Pagination can help to prevent errors, and inconsistencies in legal documents, which can be costly and time-consuming.

    If you would like to utilise our pagination services, please contact [email protected].
  • Save time and resources: Expert Witness report for Personal Injury Claims: Expert Witness reports are medico-legal reports generated by expert witnesses offering their opinions on points of controversy in a legal case. A doctor or other medical professional testifies about and gives opinions on medical subjects and issues that have been raised in the particular court case.

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Personal Injury Claim/ Service Type What is it?
Accidents at work Slips, Trips and Falls, hit by falling object, crashes & collisions, repetitive strain injury, cuts & lacerations, struck by workers, electrocution.
Road Traffic Claims – MedCO and non-MedCo Non-fatal accidents: Neck strains due to vehicle collision, Spinal injury, head injury, shoulder injury, bone fracture joint dislocation, torn ligament or tendon etc.
Serious Accidents Multiple bone fractures, injury to important organs like the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney.
Sports Injury Sprains & strains, swollen muscles, bone fractures, Achilles tendon injuries, rotator cuff injuries, dislocations, stress fracture.
Slips Trips and falls Spinal injury, head injury, bone fracture, bruises on the body
Criminal Injury Stabbing, Gunshots injury, Hand fight injuries, being hit with a hard object
Employer’s liability For all accidents at work
Public liability Accidents in public spaces – slip & falls, injury in public parks, playgrounds, recreational areas. Injury caused by faulty equipment in the public area. Dog bites or animal attacks.
Industrial diseases Lung diseases, Skin related diseases, Burn related issues, Acid related issues