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SFR Medical Expands to South Africa! Our commitment to excellence in Medico-Legal and healthcare solutions continues as we transform Medico-Legal practices in South Africa. From Expert Witness reports to providing Medical Notes, we deliver timely, equitable evidence, streamlining forensic reporting for victims of violent crimes. Join our panel as an Expert to help in reshaping the future of medical evidences.

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Our dedicated team of experienced doctors brings unparalleled expertise to forensic reporting. Each member of our medical team is a seasoned professional committed to delivering accurate and comprehensive reports. With diverse specializations, our experts ensure a thorough understanding of complex medical cases.

Our services

Our services

SFR Medical has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the medico-legal landscape in the UK. Our comprehensive services ensure a streamlined forensic reporting process, vital for criminal investigations. From the detailed Medical reports describing injuries and treatments to expert witness testimonies, our offerings cover the spectrum of medico-legal documentation. In the United Kingdom, SFR Medical has left an indelible mark on the efficiency of medico-legal processes. Our proprietary software and operational workflows have dramatically reduced average waiting times for medical reports from 67 to just 14 days in the UK.

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