• Streamlined Forensic Reporting Limited

Our products

We produce the following types of medical evidence for UK Police Forces:
  • SFR1 (MG22B):This report describes the injuries sustained and treatment received by a victim. For SFR1s, we offer a standard service (within 10 days) and an urgent service (within 24 hours).
  • SFR2 (MG22D): This report addresses specific questions that are raised by the prosecution, defence or court.
  • 3D Body Mapping/Visual Reconstruction (3DVR/MG22D): This report illustrates an exact injury in great detail, instantly portraying the gravitas of an injury to non-medical personnel.
  • Full expert witness reports: Our network of experts able to provide insights and opinions on key medical topics in the Criminal Justice System within these reports. Our experts work across several disciplines, including but not limited to: Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Critical Care.
  • Medical third party material: If you only require the medical records for a particular case, we can obtain them on your behalf.
  • Pagination: Pagination is the practice of organizing the pages of legal documents, such as contracts, court documents, and legal briefs.