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Contracting process

The route to market can be variable, contingent on a force’s requirements and internal processes.

However, below is a typical path to contract and execution which can be used as a guide. We will work with you to make sure you get what you need, in order to go live as quickly as is needed. We also have templates that can help with each stage of the process so please ask for examples – we are happy to share!

Step Typical timing SFR Medical responsibility (primarily) Force responsibility (primarily)
Initial meeting(s) Variable x x
Develop supporting materials 1 day x
Develop a business plan, usually also includes a DPIA assessment 4 weeks x
Secure CPS approval on the use of SFR template and modified consent form Variable x x
Procurement process Variable x
Agreement on contract terms and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 2 weeks x x
Identify an SFR Medical CRM 1 day x
Identify an internal force SPOC 1 week x
On-boarding of all area hospitals 2 – 4 weeks x
Develop internal comms 2 weeks x x
Complete rollout of the service
(approximately four weeks after signing the contract)
4 weeks x
KPI meetings (on-going) Monthly or quarterly x
Invoicing (on-going) Monthly x