There are thousands of victims of violent crimes in the UK every year and medical evidence is needed to charge suspects. To date, obtaining medical evidence has been problematic, tedious and cumbersome, leading to delays, miscarriages of justice and more violent crimes, either as retaliatory actions or against new victims.

Historically, this process took approximately 2-3 months. But why? We investigated the specifics and found that it was likely due to a confluence of factors, including:

  • A 15% decline in police staffing while overall crimes rates have held steady, since 2010
  • Only physicians can translate hospital notes into court ready evidence (MG11)
  • Reports must be written on-site at a hospital, often after long shifts but writing reports is not part of a physician’s NHS responsibilities
  • The police must contract with individual doctors and constantly chase them to get reports
  • Only 15% of reports are paid for, leading to an unwillingness to write them

And because there were so many issues, no one looked for a solution … until now.

Dr Johann Grundlingh is an NHS Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Consultant who has experienced the impact of hospitals not providing medical assault reports in a timely and accurate fashion. He’s worked with multiple police forces on numerous reports, but always thought there was a better way to do things. After getting his MBA in 2018, he and classmate Suyash Shrivastava started SFR Medical and piloted different approaches during the first year of business. Through that experience, they realized that addressing the controllable pain points and using a different but well-known form (the SFR) could drastically improve the situation for everyone involved.

Our business was born.

We know that the police have more important things to do with their time than constantly follow-up on the status of their medical report. We also know that doctors would prefer to see and help patients rather than get bogged down by paperwork. So our solution was two-fold: (1) put a single point of contact into place, our dedicated Client Relationship Managers whose sole job is to manage the workflow, and (2) recruit a team of freelance medical transcribers, who can write the reports on their own time, in a place of their choosing while being confident that they will get paid for the work they produce.

Since then, we’ve written a few thousand reports, partnered with multiple hospitals, and are associated with Innovate UK, The Forward Institute and The LBS Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. And oh yea, in 2019, we brought on an additional co-founder, Lisa Helfer, to help us grow the business.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to understand how we can help you.

Competitive advantage and unique proposition

We are the only providers of this service in the UK. With strong connections to the police as well as the NHS, in addition to a co-founding team with complementary areas of expertise, we are perfectly placed to navigate two of the most complex and largest organisations in the UK. Our product is extremely complex and complicated, as it’s held to very high medical and forensic standards in addition to adhering to secure and safety protocols.


Dr Johann Grundlingh

Dr Johann Grundlingh, MBA

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Johann Grundlingh has seen the suffering and injustices facing victims of violent crime first-hand and has developed a passion for ensuring that victims of violent crimes obtain justice.

Dr Grundlingh received his MBA from London Business School where he specialised in negotiation, corporate turnarounds and entrepreneurship. He is a highly motivated and person-oriented Emergency Medicine & Intensive Care physician (with a background in Toxicology and Forensic Medicine) as well as an Entrepreneur who always strives to deliver innovative and value-driven solutions to his patients and clients. He has worked as an NHS Consultant since 2013 and started SFR Medical because he realised victims of violent crimes often suffer repeated injustices through small failures in the evidence system.

Suyash Shrivastava

Suyash Shrivastava, MBA

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Suyash is a digital specialist and an agile evangelist who excels at accelerating cultural change through building scalable, high-performing teams.

Suyash is an experienced IT consulting professional and has worked with leading corporate and premier consulting organisations such as GSK, SAP AG, Accenture & Maersk Group, simplifying digital transformation journeys for clients. He also received his MBA from London Business School.

At Maersk Group, Suyash leads the Solutions Design team. Maersk Group is the world’s largest container liner, with more than 80,000 employees in 180+ offices globally. His role entails extensive leadership and managing large teams, along with budgetary control. He’s successfully delivered digital disruption initiatives, including improving the productivity in Maersk Line’s Finance operation which corresponded to a 40% efficiency gain, and conceived, designed and launched an innovative enterprise-wide security governance. Suyash is also responsible for directing and coordinating cross functional teams, primarily based in Denmark, UK, Czech Republic, and India.

Lisa Helfer

Lisa Helfer, MSc

Co-founder, Chief Communications Officer

Lisa believes that all victims deserve compassion, and if we can contribute to the healing process by helping prosecute even just one offender, then we will have made a difference in someone’s life.

Lisa is a communications strategist who has developed innovative, integrated programs for lifestyle healthcare, pharmaceutical/biotech, tech, litigation, and consumer companies. Her knowledge of behavioural economics along with her ability to translate complex medical, scientific, financial and technical information into effective, believable and instructional visuals, allows her to bring creative and unique storytelling solutions to the forefront of a firm’s communication strategy.

She has a master’s degree (Distinction) from London Business School in Leadership and Strategy and is named as a co-inventor on 11 U.S. patents.

Lucy Grundlingh

Lucy Grundlingh, BSc (Hons), BMBS

Co-founder, Head of Operations

Dr Lucy Grundlingh has treated many victims of assault. She is passionate about SFR Medical because prompt medical evidence reduces revenge crimes and enables rapid justice for victims.

Dr Lucy Gründlingh has worked as a doctor for the past nine years in a variety of specialities including Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. As one of the first Medical Transcribers for SFR Medical, she has a great appreciation for how SFR Medical has benefited police forces, medical professionals, and most of all, victims.