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Adapting to a new world

Adapting to a new world

In this unprecedented time, things are changing rapidly. These days, we are all required to take a step back to see how we can adapt and modify our behaviours and actions in a world that looks a lot different than it did five or six weeks ago.

We know the workforce at multiple hospitals has dropped by 30% due to self-isolation. The doctors and nurses who remain at work are entirely focused on treating a rapidly increasing number of severely ill patients. These circumstances have had a ripple effect on the hospitals’ ability to provide medical evidence statements, and we are concerned about how this will impact thousands of victims.

On the other side of the criminal justice system, we’ve heard that the rules for medical evidence are being relaxed for what is required to prosecute defendants. This may enable the release of suspects, cause unwarranted anxiety for victims, and disrupt court cases when things get back to normal. This is not ideal for anyone involved in the criminal justice process and raises more concerns, without providing answers, for me.

At some point the courts may shut down completely, adding to delays to an already overburdened system. If this happens, it’s essential to get quality medical evidence in-hand now so that suspects can be prosecuted in a timely manner when the criminal justice system is back up and running.

With all of this in mind, know that SFR Medical is here to help. We handle the medical evidence procurement process from request to report, so Officers, Doctors and Nurses can focus on helping those who are right in front of them. Our process is straightforward: we have a team of dedicated client relationship managers who relieve the hospitals of 95% (at times, 100%) of the burden of producing medical evidence, and a roster of Medical Professionals who are trained to write clear, jargon-free medical statements.

We know that getting the right, high-quality and accurate medical evidence is crucial to ensuring that victims get justice. If we can help alleviate any internal burdens, for any Force or Hospital, and keep the medical evidence supply chain intact, please reach out.