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We make obtaining medical evidence quicker and easier for police forces.

SFR Medical is a MedTech company aimed at solving the problematic interface between healthcare and law enforcement.

There are millions of victims of violent crimes in the U.K. every year and medical evidence is a crucial part of investigations. Through implementing a series of operational improvements, we provide a secure, reliable system for the rapid production of high-quality medical evidence. Not only have we repeatedly demonstrated our ability to innovate in a challenging medico-legal field, but our proprietary software and business solutions have reduced waiting times by 96% and helped prevent crimes in the U.K. We make the process easier and more efficient.

Our goal is to radically change the way medical evidence is dealt with globally, through innovation, technology and determination.

Why SFR Medical?

The NHS is a fragmented system with unique service delivery patterns. We’ve introduced a series of operational changes within hospitals that streamlines how and when confidential medical information is supplied to police departments. We interpret hospital records and translate them into court-ready, transportable information through proprietary technology and expert guidance.


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Our Collaborative Community

We are proud to partner with the government bodies, who embrace and support our mission and commitment to improving public safety.

If you’re interested in joining us, please email us at or use the contact form above.

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Man in his 30s arrested over Edmonton stabbing

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Delays in providing medical evidence led to additional attacks on an innocent victim

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In almost every case, the SFR medical report removes the need for attending paramedics to be called as witnesses. Having all the relevant medical evidence contained in one statement is far simpler to follow and easier to present to a jury. It also allows for all the relevant information to be correlated and presented succinctly, saving time, effort, and numerous requests.

Stephen Akinsanya

Barrister at Great James Street Chambers

The SFR was exactly what we needed - Detailed and impactive. We are greatfull to be able to access it so soon after requesting it.

DC Gemma

Initial findings from SFR pilot has shown a significant reduction in the time taken to process invoices by over 50 days resulting in swifter payments being made to the authors of the evidence statements and improving the efficiency of conducting investigations.

Met Prosecutions

In those cases where we have been provided with a medical SFR we have seen measurable results. Our ability to provide certainty about the level of injury and therefore the appropriate charges has resulted in an increase in the number of cases resulting in an early guilty plea, saving time and money and bringing closure to victims in a much shorter time.


District Crown Prosecutor.

The SFR process is so much faster and easier to obtain. If this SFR scheme could become nation wide it would be of huge benefit to the police, medical profession and the victims of crime.


Detective Constable

The SFR project has benefited us so much that all the horror stories have gone away.


Detective Sergeant

The old process was awful… this is so much better and it makes a difference to victims. I now love doing this and feel valued.

Dr Lucy

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. It is the first time I see a hospital providing SFR1 and it’s brilliant. Do you know if all other hospitals will use the same system? I think it’s an amazing idea and it’s the quickest I ever got medical report back.

DC Vilija


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