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Protection, by design

Protection, by design

Data protection has become an even more critical aspect of record-keeping since the introduction of GDPR on 14th April 2016. The legal and healthcare systems have had to make substantial modifications to comply with the complex GDPR legislation as they were not designed to adapt easily to new rules and regulations.

SFR Medical was founded with data protection by design. This obligation is paramount for a service such as ours to succeed. We process sensitive data, and our focus on data protection must never waiver. Every individual has the right to not only control information about themselves but manage who has access to it. Never has there been a more pressing responsibility on organisations who handle personal and confidential information.

In the past, medical evidence was difficult to obtain as police officers had to navigate the complexity of the NHS, and subsequently, obstacles in the justice system. Information was asked for and given freely without the right paperwork in place, a fault of the system and not the individuals.

We have introduced standardised and state-of-the-art methods which provide medical evidence quickly and compliantly. Consent forms are modified so victims can give their permission for SFR Medical to access their documents. Our CRMs don’t request medical records from hospitals until they receive all the required information from an officer. And we’ve implemented redundant software systems and those, along with stringent internal policies, guarantee that data is always securely transmitted and stored appropriately. All of this also ensures that data is only accessed by those who are authorised.

Victims are protected, by design.