In December 2018, Nev, a 40 year old homeless man from East London was stabbed in the neck after a trivial argument broke out between him and another man named Ricky. A bystander called an ambulance and due to the severity of his injuries, Nev was rushed to the Royal London Hospital Emergency Department, a specialty unit equipped to deal with severe traumatic emergencies. On arrival to the hospital, a scan showed that air was leaking out of Nev’s wind-pipe into the surrounding tissue. He was taken in for emergency surgery and discharged two weeks later. Ricky was arrested but could not be charged with a crime because he said he only punched Nev in the neck, which contradicted the fact that a stabbing injury had been reported. The Crown Prosecution Service could only charge Ricky once they had a incidence medical report, which was not provided due to inadequacies in the system; however they were able to keep him in jail for a short time as a result of him being found guilty for a different crime.

After Ricky was released, he immediately went to find Nev and his parents where he continued his verbal threats and physical assaults. Ricky was arrested again, and SFR Medical was brought in to provide the required medical evidence from the first assault. As a result, Ricky was charged with attempted murder and remanded to prison.