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Taking a stand

Taking a stand

SFR Medical was founded on the principle of ensuring justice for all, and this mission drives everything we do.

Our position is simple:

  • We stand against racial injustice and failures of criminal justice, regardless of who the victim is, where they are from, what their profession is, or the color of their skin
  • We believe in peaceful protests for positive change, a change that can reshape the world we live in for the better
  • We support our black colleagues, partners, clients, and friends

Silence is no longer acceptable.

We promise to keep working and learning. We pledge to include discussions about inequality when thinking about how we, as a business and as individuals, spend time and money, and allocate resources.

But we can’t do this alone – we need to work together to make meaningful change not only happen but stick.

So let’s keep working. Let’s stand for justice. Let’s stand together and say it loud and clear: #BlackLivesMatter #WeStandforJustice

Today, we’re taking our first step to show our support. We are proud to announce that through the end of 2020, we will not charge for any medical evidence report where the victim works in the healthcare or criminal justice fields so that our public servants can in turn get back to their jobs helping victims. We feel this is a small but important step to take as a reflection of our commitment to helping all victims get justice, and in honor of our partnerships.

If you are looking for some causes to support that protect black lives and victims of injustice, here are a few we suggest looking into:

  • The charity Stop Hate UK ( https://www.stophateuk.org/ ), which was set up in direct response to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, provides independent support to those affected by hate crime and challenges all forms of discrimination. It delivers and supports projects in community cohesion, youth engagement, and stop and search consultancy and scrutiny panels, among others.
  • StopWatch UK ( https://www.stop-watch.org/ ) is a national research and advocacy group that works to promote fair, effective, and accountable policing. Formed in response to growing numbers of stop-searches, StopWatch UK also works to inform the public about the use of stop and search and provide essential legal support.
  • SARI – Stand Against Racism and Inequality ( https://www.sariweb.org.uk/what-we-do/training/ ) is a charity that provides support for victims of hate crime, including those subjected to racist attacks. Alongside providing ongoing support to people who have experienced hate crime, the charity also engages with businesses and organizations to provide equality training and education.
  • Black Lives Matter UK, the official UK arm of BLM, are currently raising money via a GoFundMe page ( https://www.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unknown&utm_campaign=comms_h4hk%2Bukblm-fund ) to fund efforts in collaboration with other anti-racist organizations to strengthen the wider BLM movement across the UK and provide emergency Covid-19 relief to black communities bearing the brunt of the crisis.
  • The Southall Black Sisters charity ( https://southallblacksisters.org.uk/about/ ) works to highlight and challenge all forms of gender-based violence against women, primarily working to support the needs of black Asian and African-Caribbean women who have been victims of violence, abuse and others forms of inequality.